Our Faculty


Our faculty members, with their diverse educational and personal background bring to this campus a rich variety of knowledge and experience that contributes to global awareness and a better understanding of education. Atal Utkrisht Government Inter College Deenapani, Almora teachers have a commitment to students that stretches from classroom to dining room to athletic field and every place in between. They share the joy of a child who has worked hard to complete a project, and the spirit of a winning team. They know when to listen, when to advice and when to simply give the children time to sort through things on their own. They are Determined, Dedicated and Demonstrative.

Atal Utkrisht Government Inter College Deenapani, Almora
Teaching Staff

Sr.No. Name Education Designation Mob. No.
01 Mr. Gulab Singh MSc B.Ed. Maths Lecturer 9412100826
02 Mr. Rajender Singh Bora MSc B.Ed. Chemistry, LLB Lecturer 9412952219
03 Dr. Girish Chandra Joshi MA Phd Sanskrit Lecturer 9411318939
04 Mr Banshi Dhar Pandey MA B.Ed. English Lecturer 9411366654
05 Mr. Khilap Ram MA B.Ed. Geography Lecturer 9720804637
06 Mr. Charu Chandra Pandey MSc Physics Lecturer 9410345855
07 Mr. Krishn Chandra Kohli MSc B.Ed. Biology Lecturer 9012580401
08 Mr. Mohan Chandra Tamta MA B.Ed. Hindi Lecturer 9410302696
09 Mr. Gopal Singh Kholiya MA B.Ed. Economics Lecturer 9412107182
10 Mr. Nandan Singh Mehra BA BTC Asst. Teacher 9410756668
11 Mr. Sunil Kumar MA B.Ed. Political Science Asst. Teacher 7895879325
12 Mr. Basant Singh Mehta MA B.Ed. English Asst. Teacher 9411579793
13 Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Joshi MA B.Ed. Hindi Asst. Teacher 9410518553
14 Mr. Lalit Mohan Singh Bora MA B.Ed. Political Science Asst. Teacher 9410773088
15 Mr. Bhupal Singh Chilwal M.Com. B.P.Ed Asst. Teacher 9412166391
16 Smt Kavita Pandey MSc B.Ed. Maths Asst. Teacher 9456755550
17 Mr. Kishan Singh BSc B.Ed. Asst. Teacher 9410309434
18 Mr. Gopal Krishn Joshi BA Head Clerk 8449610379
19 Mr. Lalit Mohan Singh Mehra Metric Pass Peon 8392977234
20 Mr. Navin Singh Mehta Metric Pass Peon 8958944348
21 Mr. Gokul Singh Devdi Intermediate Peon 9193496962
22 Mr. Harish Valmiki High school pass Sweeper 9639373178

Enrolled Students

Sr.No. Class Total Students
01 6 15
02 7 21
03 8 24
04 9 57
05 10 62
06 11-A 34
07 11-B 18
08 12-A 69
09 12-B 33
Total Students 333